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Best Practices, Part 7: Timeline

by Brian Harris on March 22, 2012

Most Bold Universe solutions involve rapid build phases. In our Discover->Design->Develop process, the segments that consume the most time are figuring out what tools to include (functional discovery, project approval) and arriving at a look and feel for them (digital presence construction, design approval). To make sure we are building the right solution for our customer, these two phases generally take as long or longer than the actual development and configuration of the solution.

Some solution designs take longer than others. Bold Universe estimates developing an approved design to take about two and a half weeks. In that time a design for the home page, an internal page (usually the blog) and elements for external sites such as Twitter and Facebook are created and aproved.

While Bold Universe is developing/revising the design, our clients are developing their text for their webpages following our best practices recommendations for audience, voice, and content. While we often proceed without every piece of content finished (risking increased development cycles), we prefer to begin construction with a complete body of content.

Once a design is approved and content is submitted, Bold Universe solutions take about four weeks to build, depending on the required site functionality (ecommerce generally makes a project take a little more time). Somewhere at roughly halfway through that period (roughly two weeks) customers are invited in to tour the site and provide feedback. The remaining time in the project is typically spent tweaking the solution to customer preference.

Not every project takes this long (our fastest launch, including logo development, business cards, and a complete website with blog entries, was completed in under a week–you can imagine the wagers on that bet were pretty steep); some take considerably longer. The major factor that influences timeline is customer feedback. When customers respond quickly with feedback, projects tend to launch ahead of schedule. Because customers are running businesses while participating in the construction of their website, the timeline usually takes about eight weeks from project approval to launch. Bold Universe makes every effort to accommodate scheduling needs on a case-by-case basis.

This installment of our best practices for small business website development completes our initial 7 of 7 charter.

  1. audience
  2. voice
  3. colors and textures
  4. website environment
  5. content
  6. functionality
  7. timeline (you are here)

While we have been posting these seven best practices for small business website development recommendations we received a few suggestions for additional entries and will extend our charter past these seven. If you have suggestions for best practices recommendations/advice topics, please let us know.

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If you have questions about best practices for business websites; if you’re interested in putting e-commerce or social media on a website; if you would like to learn more about Bold Universe services or solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.